After years of creating custom feather work, marionettes and hats for our Renaissance Festival shops, we were drawn into the world of making feather wings. Fifteen years experience and early trial and error has brought us, many wings later to where we are now. We had started making wings that like most others you would see, simply laid flat across the back. We have grown a lot since then, now using special hinges that allow the wings to be arched back, articulate, and be folded in half for easier storage and reduced shipping costs. We are still growing, coming up with new designs and being inspired by clients looking for a certain spectacular look.

Our wings thus far have been worn all around the world at venues like the Australian Circus and the Metropolitan Art Museum in New York and for companies such as O2 in the UK. Wings handcrafted by us have been used at the Kennedy Center, San Francisco Opera House and at the Latin Billboard Awards. Other places that you may have seen our wings include Broadway, the Evangel Cathedral in Upper Marlboro, Maryland and the Holy Land Experience in Orlando. Burlesque shows in the UK and Australia, television shows, movies, parades and other elaborate occasions have used our wings to make their event special.

Every day is an adventure for us and our angel wing maker crew. Keep checking in to see new exciting wing designs!