What to expect when you contact us about your custom wings:

First of all expect to talk to someone who is enthusiastic about your vision! We really do enjoy making custom wings! Many of our wing designs have been inspired by ideas from creative thinkers like you!

How to prepared when you contact us to order your custom wings:

Have you seen something that inspires you ? Flash art? Wings from a movie? A statue? A painting? Something you have envisioned and roughly sketched? Send us a image , or tell us what you have in mind and we will render a sketch for you to approve.

What color would you like them to be? We always have white and black feathers in stock, but maybe you would like us to airbrush them. Perhaps to resemble a bird of prey? Outlining the tips in gold, silver, lavender, or copper? A kaleidoscope of wild fantasy colors? We also hand dye feathers if you want a solid color that is not easily found.

What dimensions would you like them to be? We would need to know the width and height of the individual wing, and the overall width of both wings together.

What kind of straps would you like? Or perhaps no straps at all? If the wings are not too big (over 35″ in height) we can make them with a wire support that can be inserted into a corset. Otherwise, we have white/black 1″ nylon straps or 1″ clear vinyl straps. All straps work with white or black quick release buckles (sorry clear buckles don’t exist yet).

How long will it take? Depending on how large or complex your order is, we can usually create them and have them ready to ship within a week or two. As you can imagine, Halloween and Christmas are very busy for us (Sept- Dec 25th). During this time we would love to take your custom order, but may need a bit more time to produce and ship – possibly as long as 3 to 4 weeks.

How much will it cost? If it is similar in size to wings we already make, the base price would be similar. There would be additional charges for time spent working up the new design, airbrushing, etc. Give us a call and we will work up a quote for you.

How do I pay? A 50% deposit will be required to begin the project. We prefer to use PayPal.com and would love to send you an invoice. For International orders many businesses pay through a direct bank wire transfer. You may also call us with your payment information, we accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover.

If you have a special pair of wings in mind, email or give us a call. We’re excited to share your vision!