Downswept Large Wings

If you have the classic/traditional look of an angel with its wings at rest in mind, these are the style of wings for you! This downswept flowing teardrop shape is often depicted in ancient friezes, paintings and sculptures.

If you’re not sure how big or small to go, the classic large downswept wings are a great choice. Weighing less than 5 lbs, you can barely feel them on. Large enough to seem lifelike these wings are very visible from the front as well as the back and yet small enough to allow maneuverability in a crowded space.

Our large wings are approximately 38″ tall by 46″ wide and weigh less than 5 pounds.

Large size Downswept Wings are $675

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Large Downswept natural feather costume wings have the following features:

Poseable: Nothing is sadder than wings that do no more than lay flat against the wearers back! We build our poseable wings with hinges and heavy wire on either side of the back strap, which allows each wing to be bent back varying degrees. Once bent, the wings will hold that position securely until the next repositioning. Perfect for photographers and others seeking a dramatic pose.

Light, Comfy and Stable: We make our wings to be worn like a backpack with a cushioned backstrap and soft 1 inch nylon shoulder straps in white or black (clear vinyl straps also available). Quick release buckles in white or black allow the wings to easily adjust to custom fit each wearer. We position the buckles low on the straps so that they are concealed by the arms. Even the largest of our wings are comfortable to wear due to their lightness.

Durable: Craftmanship is very important to us. Much thought and effort is put into transforming quality materials into wings built to endure  multiple performances and last for years.  Each pair of wings comes with information on wing care and wearing instructions.  Used by churches, photographers, performers, dancers, stiltwalkers, and parade participants from around the world.

Ease of Storage: The back strap has another hidden hinge in the center, allowing the wings to be folded in half for space saving storage, also reducing the cost of shipping. We recommend saving the shipping box and protective paper for later reuse.

Handcrafted: Built to order by Costume Wing Professionals in the US with production studios in Maryland and Washington State. Many customization options are available including custom shapes, colors, airbrushing and more. Wings generally take two weeks to produce and ship, but wing emergencies are entertained weekly. Please contact the artists for more information.


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