Dancers Wing Sleeves

Imagine real feather wings that allow your arms to move naturally! These arm wing sleeves have been engineered to bend and allow the layers of feathers to flow and adjust to your body’s movement. Each pair is lovingly hand built by Debra!

When worn by Debra the wings were approximately 82 inches wide overall from wingtip to wingtip. The width of the wing from the sleeve to the widest point is approximately 18 inches.

Please note: the wing tips will extend approximately 10 inches beyond fingertips!

In White or Black feathers.

The sleeves are made from stretchy fabric to fit most people, and are available in white, black, or beige.

Dancers Wings Sleeves are $375.

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The Dancers Wing Sleeves line of handcrafted genuine feather angel wings have the following features:

– Hand built by Costume Wing Professionals in the US, they are of sturdy construction yet lightweight, built to hold up for multiple performances.

– Durability is very important to us, we put a lot of effort and the best materials into each pair of wings so that, with good care, they will last for many years.  Each pair of wings comes with information on feather care.


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