Outstretched Display Angel Wings to hang on a Wall

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The ultimate in Angel Art for your wall, outstretched display wings are built from hand trimmed turkey feathers artfully placed to give the look of a natural creature's wing.

The wings fold in half for ease of shipment, and are fully backed with felt. Each wing has two wire loops for mounting.

Available in White or Black (Custom colors are possible through the magic of airbrushing at 20% additional cost)

8 foot Display Angel Wings are $750 plus shipping and handling.

Finished dimensions approximately 8 feet wide by 26 inches tall.


2 reviews for Outstretched Display Angel Wings to hang on a Wall

  1. stephanie polnitz

    Good morning i spoke with a nice lady yesterday on the phone about one side ivory colored feathers for a wall hanging about 6ft to 8ft long.I was at work so i did not have a chance to ask many questions, i wanted to know how do i keep the feathers clean especially from dust and what do you recommend to keep feathers clean, can you spray them with special spray to repell dust?How long will the feathers keep their vitality?Would i need to replace them after so many years?Making wings looks like fun, do you offer a wing making class.I did not receive my quote on yesterday, i checked my email. Again thank you for speaking with me on yesterday, enjoy your weekend.Please email me at your earliest convenience.

  2. stephanie polnitz

    The wall display of angle wings are beautiful.

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