Articulating wings

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This weekend I am working on some 8’ articulating wings before we head off for Seattle. It will be nice to go to the Pacific N.W. and escape some of Maryland‘s intense Summer heat and humidity!

It seems that every pair of articulating wings I make, I learn something new.  I love being inspired to try out new ideas! It is so tricky, when everything must be done just right to ensure proper articulation.


articulating wing hinge

Each wing is hinged in three places, the hinges need to work well and remain hidden. The layout of the feathers is very different on the inside as opposed to the back side of the wings. This perfect placement of the feathers will give the wings smooth inward movement.


Just finished 8' articulating wings! inside view.

Just finished 8′ articulating wings! inside view.

Debra operating 8’wings

I love my job !

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