Exploring airbrushing feather angel wings

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Recently, I was asked to customize a pair of our classic up swept feather wings for a client in Australia. What I had thought would be the standard airbrushing of a pair of white wings, instead turned out to be so much more. After taking on the commission I found that these wings needed to be a solid combination of purple and red with gold edging the feathers, with no white showing at all. Usually when I airbrush, I can take a pair of already made white wings and airbrush the color over them, but leaving some of the white as well. The technique I use is kind of neat because the shape of the feathers is accentuated which is especially good for stage performances where you really want to see detail from afar.

huge up airbrushed wings

I found my new commission to be tricky, as my client really preferred to not have any white showing at all! I considered my options, dyeing the feathers would take a long time as each feather would need to be steamed to bring back its shape after drying. This is, as you can imagine, a very tedious process. Just to dye and steam would take two full days for a pair of 28” feather wings , also requiring a really good audio book or lots of fun music cued up!
My other option for these wings , which I decided would be best , was to hand airbrush each feather individually, and then build the wings. I had underestimated the amount of time it would take to do this, the bench time was way higher than I had imagined. But the result was fantastic! If I ever do this again I would have to charge more, but I’m happy to have had the opportunity to explore this new colorful look for our wings!
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  1. Marna says:

    holy moses!!! What an amazing creation!! I’m curious how much notice you need for airbrushing? and how much of an additional fee there is for this service! WOW!! II know a lot of women who are going to want these!

    • Debra Hathaway says:

      Thanks Marna! I’m so glad you like the airbrushing! The transformation is really amazing, I love transforming plain white wings to realistic bird wings as well as to beautiful fantasy Fairy like wings!
      I charge only 20 percent of the cost of the wings to airbrush, and need to know when the original wing order is placed

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