Wingstory: How we came to build Articulating Wings

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Our first pair of articulating wings were made for a performance by the band Camila at the 2011 Billboard Latin Music awards show. While Camila performed the song ” Entre Tus Alas” a beautiful woman wearing the wings gently moved them back and forth while descending from above the stage, then landing onto a grand […]

Articulating wings

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This weekend I am working on some 8’ articulating wings before we head off for Seattle. It will be nice to go to the Pacific N.W. and escape some of Maryland‘s intense Summer heat and humidity! It seems that every pair of articulating wings I make, I learn something new.  I love being inspired to […]

Exploring airbrushing feather angel wings

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Recently, I was asked to customize a pair of our classic up swept feather wings for a client in Australia. What I had thought would be the standard airbrushing of a pair of white wings, instead turned out to be so much more. After taking on the commission I found that these wings needed to […]